Sacramental Preparation

Baptism Preparation

Couples are needed to meet with parents and godparents of infants who are to be baptized to explain the basis of this sacrament of initiation and the responsibilities of raising the child in faith. To volunteer to be part of the preparation team, contact the Parish Office: 708-771-8250.

Marriage Preparation

Trained couples meet with engaged couples to answer questions, assist them in completing a pre-marital inventory, and facilitate discussion about holy and healthy marriages. To learn more about this volunteer ministry, contact the Parish Office: 708-771-8250.

RCIA Sponsors

Share your faith with those who are exploring what it means to be Catholic and who are preparing for the Sacraments of Initiation into our Church. To learn about how to become a sponsor, contact the Religious Education/Faith Formation Coordinator: 630-484-5093.  

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Sacramental Preparation