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Do you feel called to participate more fully in the Mass? There are roles that are exercised by lay people who place their time and talent at the service of the liturgical assembly. Others contribute to planning and organizing the liturgy, to keeping the church, vestments and vessels clean and well ordered, or to providing decorations that reflect the spirit of the liturgical feast or season.  

We welcome new participants in any of our liturgical ministries.

Note:  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, some of the listed ministries may not be active at this time. Please contact the Coordinator of Ministries to confirm the status of any ministry: 708-435-8922.

Altar Servers

Altar servers are privileged to assist the priest at the altar during the Mass and other liturgical services. They carry the cross in the opening and closing processions, hold the book for the priest and assist in setting the altar during the presentation of the gifts.  School and religious education students in grades 4 through 8 are invited to train for this ministry and to serve at weekend Masses during the school year.  

High school age students and adults who have received the sacrament of Confirmation also may train to serve at weekday Masses, funerals, and other occasions when children who attend school are unavailable. If you would like to be trained as an altar server please contact the Coordinator of Ministries: 708-435-8922.


Welcome newcomers and regulars as they arrive for weekly worship at St. Luke Church and at St. Bernardine Church. Assist those who may need additional help entering or exiting the pews. Ushers and greeters also take up the collection, select the gift bearers and distribute the bulletin as members leave the church. If you would like to be a part of this welcoming ministry, please contact the Coordinator of Ministries: 708-435-8922.


Lectors stand before the congregation and deliver the first two Scripture readings during the Liturgy of the Word. A confirmed parishioner of at least high school age can serve as a lector. Training is provided and a special lector’s edition of the Liturgy of the Word serves as an additional aid to understanding each week’s readings. If you are interested in this ministry, please contact the Coordinator of Ministries: 708-435-8922.

Eucharistic Ministers/Ministers of Care

Eucharistic Ministers assist the priest in distributing communion during the Mass. 

To become a Eucharistic Minister, you must be a confirmed Catholic in good standing with the Church. Training is required for this ministry.  

Ministers of Care bring the Eucharist to parishioners who are homebound, hospitalized, in nursing homes, or otherwise unable to attend Mass. A visit from a Minister of Care includes prayers, a daily Scripture reading and the reception of Communion. Additional training is required to serve as a Minister of Care.  

If you would like to be trained in either of these ministries, please contact the Coordinator of Ministries: 708-435-8922.


These volunteers work behind the scenes to maintain the interiors of our worship sites and make the necessary preparations for each liturgy. They care for the liturgical vestments, altar server albs, altar linens and sacred vessels used at the Mass. They help polish, dust, and perform other light maintenance associated with the upkeep of our churches. New volunteers are always welcome and needed. If you would like to serve as a sacristan, please contact the Coordinator of Ministries: 708-435-8922. 

Liturgical Environment and Art

This group of volunteers prepares the two church environments to reflect the various seasons and feasts of the liturgical year. Their goal is not only to create an attractive space, but also to encourage deeper reflection on the significance of the occasion being celebrated. To become a member of these dedicated committees, please contact the Parish Office: 708-771-8250.

Children's Liturgy of the Word

Adult catechists lead the children in age appropriate prayer, readings and reflections.  The two age groups (3-5 years and 6-8 years) celebrate this separate liturgy during the 9:30 Mass on Sunday morning. Catechists receive all necessary training and planning aids.

VIRTUS training, provided by the Archdiocese, is also required for all catechists and volunteers working with children. If you would like to train as a catechist, please contact Liz Jeep at

Catechists for Religious Education

Volunteer catechists support our Religious Education Program for elementary school students and the SPRED Program for children with special needs. For more information about the programs, please click this link. VIRTUS training, provided by the Archdiocese, is also required for all catechists and volunteers working with children

To volunteer as a catechist, contact the Religious Education Coordinator: 708-435-8960.

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