Liturgical Ministries

Get Involved with Liturgical Ministries

Join any of the liturgical ministries shown below by contacting the Parish Office at 708-435-8961 for Katie Osga or You can also leave a message at the Parish Office number for the listed ministry leader who will return your call.

Altar Servers (Youth)

Students in grades 4-8 assist at the weekday and weekend Masses as well as funerals, weddings, and other liturgies.

Altar Servers (Teens & Adults)

High school students and adults assist at weekday morning Masses as well as  special Masses on holidays and special functions such as Confirmations.

Children's Liturgy of the Word

Catechists provide an age-appropriate reflection for two groups of children between the ages of 3-5 and 6-8 at the 9:30 Sunday Mass at St. Luke Church.

Eucharistic Ministers

Adults and high school students in sophomore year or older, who are confirmed and are devoted to the Eucharist, may be considered to serve in this special ministry at Mass.


Adults and high school students, who are confirmed, proclaim the Old and New Testament readings at weekend and holy day Masses. 

Liturgical Environment

This group prepares the church to reflect the beauty and significance of the various liturgical seasons throughout the year. 


Liturgy Committee

This committee meets monthly to help prepare the various liturgies and prayer services celebrated at both St. Luke and St. Bernardine churches. It considers the ways the ministries work together to celebrate the Eucharist in rite, sacred music, and prayer.

Music Ministries

Music is an essential part of St. Luke and St. Bernardine worship. There are many roles in which to participate including choirs, cantors, and instrumentalists. 


 These volunteers are  dedicated to maintaining the interior of our beautiful church, its sanctuary and various appointments. They care for the liturgical vestments, altar server albs and the sacred vessels used at our Eucharistic celebrations. They help polish, dust and perform other light maintenance duties associated with the upkeep of our church.  

Ushers & Greeters

This team assists Mass-goers with seating, facilitates the Offertory Collection, and performs other hospitality duties that make our parish a welcoming place.  

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Stop in to offer a quick prayer at the end of the day or stay the entire time to reflect and thank God for the gift of His grace. Adoration occurs Tuesdays at St. Luke Church from 5:00 to 6:30 pm.  

Commemorative Masses

About the middle of each year, the parish opens its Mass book to enable parishioners and others to request Masses in memory of a person or a special intention for the following year. The Mass Book opening is announced in the parish bulletin and at Masses and forms are available in church. You may call the Parish Office at 708-771-8250 to request a Mass at any time throughout the current year by contacting the Parish Office.

Funeral Arrangements

On behalf of our St. Luke and St. Bernardine parish community, we extend our deepest sympathy at the death of your loved one. 

To start arrangements for a Mass of Christian Burial at either St. Luke Church or St. Bernardine Church, your funeral director will contact the parish to set up a time. Local funeral homes are familiar with our parish and will work with us and you to schedule a funeral Mass. A member of our Bereavement Committee will then contact you to set a time to choose readings, music, and talk through details of the liturgy.

Additional Funeral Resources

The Archdiocese of Chicago Rites of Christian Burial

St. Luke and St. Bernardine Parish – Funeral Music Guidelines  (coming soon)


Mass of Remembrance

Each November the parish celebrates a Mass of Remembrance. Invitations to participate go out to all families of those who have had a funeral Mass in the parish during the prior year. Additionally, any parishioner who wishes to remember someone who has died in the past year, regardless of where the funeral Mass was celebrated, may call the Parish Office at 708-771-8250 and ask that the deceased person’s name be added to the list. The date of this Mass varies each year. It is announced several weeks before the Mass takes place. 

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