Request for Announcement in Bulletins and other Parish Media

Those requesting publication of ministries, events or other information in our bulletin, e-newsletter, Facebook and/or Instagram pages should review the communication guidelines, and complete the form titled “Request for Article in Parish Media.” Please email the completed form to our Communications Coordinator at rhuser@stlstbparish.org.

If you would like to see your event in the weekly bulletin or other parish media outlets, the deadline to submit the form is the end of the day the Monday before. For example, if you would like your event to be posted in the June 25, 2023, bulletin, you would need to email the form by the end of the day on Monday, June 19.

If the article you wish to publish concerns an event either hosted on or off the parish campus, you must complete these steps before submitting a request to publish the article in the bulletin and other parish media.

Note: deadlines change during the holiday and Easter seasons. Please see current bulletins for those deadlines.

Please call the parish office at 708-771-8250 with any questions.

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