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Baptism welcomes a person into the Church. The sacrament is bestowed on anyone who has not been baptized and has a family member registered in our parish. Children under the age of six are usually baptized during a Sunday Mass so that the whole community can welcome our newest members. Some families may have different needs and may ask to schedule a private ceremony.

Baptism Preparation

Our Baptism preparation class inform parents and godparents of infants and young children about the baptismal ceremony and the ongoing responsibilities of the sacrament. Parents must attend one preparation session, and godparents are welcome too. The one-night class — currently held via Zoom — is held on Monday nights as needed.  

Baptism at Our Parish

Parents should contact our parish office at the first button below to begin planning an infant baptism, preferably before the child is born.

Children seven years of age and older may participate in a program of sacramental preparation with their family if they have not been baptized or catechized in the Catholic faith. Baptisms for adults and older children are usually celebrated on Holy Saturday at the Easter Vigil Mass at the completion of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) process. Please contact our Director of Faith Formation at the second button below. 

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